About Us

Real Estate Investors & Business loan Brokers

Welcome to Cal Pacific Capital, when Banks says No! We got the Fix. We service lots of dependable customers that banks are just not willing to lend them, and it’s our mission to provide fast and efficient funding solutions to help real estate investors, entrepreneurs and business owners alleviate some of the ...

We Promote Innovation

Innovation often requires funding to ensure the best ideas can be brought to market, and our company is well-equipped to provide that funding. We have established a core set of values that emphasize our commitment to fair and ethical practices, timely and transparent reporting, and strong partnerships with ...

What We Do

Our company is dedicated to delivering superior service in the mortgage and credit industries. Our experts can help you find the right loan for your circumstances. Our qualified personnel will efficiently and quickly manage your loan, no matter the type of mortgage.

Furthermore, we provide credit repair services ...

Your Home Loan Needs Covered

At Cal Pacific Capital, we specialize in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners with their commercial funding needs nationwide. However, we understand that many of our clients also have personal financing requirements, such as a primary home loan.

To accommodate those needs, we partner with trusted ...


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